05 May 2010

Catalytics Cat Model

Catalytics Cat Model - Detail

- Cat modelling determines how much cover an insurer should buy.
- Too high reinsurance purchases take money directly off the bottom line.
- Inadequate reinsurance purchase expose an insurer to the threat of insolvency.
- Insufficient Cat cover is one of the top 3 reasons for insolvency.
- Cat models are a key driver of internal capital models.
- Detailed Cat models give scientific justification for reinsurance purchases and assure shareholders that their capital is adequately protected.

Catalytics Cat Model - Benefits

- Complete transparency of process and asumptions.
- Allows users to view and modify models.
- Flexible and intuitive vulnerability curves and reinsurance contracts.
- Uses multiple processors to optimize performance and halve processing time.
- Detailed reports for reinsurance pricing.
- Easy scenario testing.
- Users can see, change and add vulnerability.
- Scenario tester allows the users to recreate historical events on today's exposure as well as rapidly model current events to estimate costs.
- Allocate the cost of reinsurance according to the business class.
- Prices retrocession for reinsurers.

Catalytics Cat Model - Fact Sheet

- Flexible and adjustable
- Includes comprehensive research
- Extensive geographical mapping features
- Advanced mathematics
- Realistic simulations

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